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Office Solutions

Access Control System

Struggling with the database of IN and OUT times of your Employees ?
We have the perfect Solutions for the Same. Why not have an Electronic System which Tracks your Employees Access Throughout the Facility of your Organization.We at Burhani Computers provide you with a complete Solution for installation and Maintenance of the Complete Systems Which indeed helps in improving the efficiency of every Individual.

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CCTV Installation and Maintenance

Theft as a crime has increased to very large extent all around the globe. Lets be prepared to deal with it
well before it occurs. Get complete CCTV installation and maintenance at the best Market Price with the Trust of Burhani Computers.

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Maximum of today's Business meetings, Conferences, Events have a great Deal of Presentations in It. These presentations looks best when displayed with the help of High Quality Projectors which give great Picture Quality and Enhancement of details which improves the Presentation Multifold.
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Audio And Video Conferencing

Today's Business Demands Comes along with needs to Connect to the World for Multiple Purposes, Be it a Doctor taking help on an ongoing operation or a complete product being made at One Place and the Description from somewhere else. We Provide Audio And Video Conferencing to Enhance Your Business and Connect Around the World Fast, Clear and Crisp.

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