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Network Solutions

We hold expertise in understanding and meeting the demands of computer networking. Our solutions are based on the applications that clients intend to use. Some of the areas for which we can provide computer networking include Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), Internet telephony, Instant Messaging (IM), eMail,etc.

Steps Undertaken:

Network Planning
  • Draw estimation of the software, hardware, and traffic requirements
  • Identification & documentation of major traffic sources
  • Estimation of bandwidth requirements for each application
  • Understanding scalability requirements (extent of network growth that should be supported)
  • Understanding requirements for geographical considerations (LAN and WAN)
  • Availability of network need (amount of time a network is available to users)
  • Meeting security and accessibility needs including issues like administration, network training, recovery

Further, while delivering these services, we also look towards:

  • Improving efficiency on WAN circuits by using features like compression, Voice Activity Detection
  • Using technologies such as ATM that dynamically allocate WAN bandwidth
  • Integrating both voice and data circuits
  • Optimizing or eliminating underutilized circuits

Networking Cabling

Networking Cabling

We are a reputed service provider in the industry offering networking cabling to our esteemed clients. With the assistance of novel technology and experienced professionals, we have been successful in executing the most optimal solution. Our services ensure use of appropriate material for installation, timely execution and cost effectiveness.

Wired & Wireless Networking

Networks are the building blocks for your company’s entire communications and data infrastructure. Burhani computers can design and maintain any type of network for your office or home, whether starting from scratch building upon your current system.

Services include wired and wireless networks with data cabling and Wireless Access Point installation for full access from anywhere on premises. We support a wide varity of hardware, encompassing your switches, firewalls VOIP equipment and more.